Risk Management Principals

Risk management is a proven method used by companies / business house to control losses. It involves identifying hazardous situations in the work environment and assessing the associated risks; then taking action to minimize the possible consequences of these situations.

A hazard may be defined as a situation that is potentially damaging, for example fire, smoke or near miss incidents. Risk management creates value by helping an organization to identify potential hazards for the business, but also provides feasible opportunities.
JPA offers a 13 week course on Risk management Principles that provides insights of varied risks, tools to assess the risks and financial statement analysis. By the end of the course you will learn the skill sets to manage risks.

The training is an online guided interaction with the trainer. Course material will be given to you; you have to schedule your training. Trainers are industry experienced professionals who have trained around 10,000 students.
There will be videos and case studies to provide you ample knowledge on managing risks.
Our trainers are industry experienced professionals who will guide you through the course.
On completion of the course you will have to take an online assessment to assess your skills. On successful completion you will be certified as “Risk Management Principle”.

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What should you know?

  • Principles of Management
  • Basic knowledge of accounting

What you will learn?

  • Setting strategy, planning, making decisions, and in the daily management of the organization
  • Understanding different types of risks
  • Identifying risks
  • A systematic and structured approach to manage risks
  • Risk management process
  • Creating risk checklist
  • Analyze and evaluate risks
  • Analyzing the accounting reports
  • Guided practice

Benefits of the course

  • Develop risk response plans
  • Risk management provides decision-makers with reliableand actionable information about the uncertainty that might affect the organization
  • Opportunities as risk evaluator in Insurance companies
  • Risk management consultants in business organizations
  • Work as Risk management compliance professional in corporates

Mode of sessions

  • Online

Want to know more reach us @ info@jpasolutions.in