Lead Auditor Certification

The transactions of any business firm needs to be assessed on various aspects. This requires knowledge and skill. As there is a shortage in skilled lead auditors acquiring the required skillsets adds value to your qualification. This five day training course on lead auditor certification will help you to plan, conduct internal audits as well as check with the compliance of ISO audits.

Team of auditors assess the financial transactions of a business immaterial of the size of the business, it could be a small company or a big organization. A team is lead by an auditor. Lead auditor holds the responsibility of managing the auditing team. Lead has to plan for the audit, conduct audit, gather the reports from the team members and evaluate the assessment, finally submit the audit report.

JPA Lead Auditor certification course will prepare you to do the tasks of a lead auditor. The course is a combination of theory, discussions and case studies. This methodology provides an insight of what has to be done for the audit?

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What should you know?

  • Commerce or non-commerce graduates
  • Any working professional desirous of learning Investment banking

What you will learn?

  • Commerce Graduate / CA
  • Basic knowledge of ISO standards

What you will learn?

  • Basics of conducting an audit
  • Methods of conducting an audit
  • How to conduct an audit?
  • Plan for an audit
  • Conducting an audit meeting
  • Evaluating the reports
  • Submitting the audit reports

Benefits of the course

  • Work as Lead Auditor in an organization / audit firm
  • Opportunities to conduct internal ISO audits
  • Consultants for ISO audits
  • Work as Quality Managers
  • Security Consultants

Mode of sessions

  • Classroom
  • Online training

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