Financial Analytst

Financial Analyst course has been designed to nurture skills required for a financial analyst. They are responsible for carrying out key tasks of analyzing financial statements, investment analysis and corporate finance. They should have in-depth understanding of all financial related matter of a company.

JPA has industry experience professionals who provide training. A 1 month course on Financial Analyst comes along with the case studies and video sessions to inculcate the required skills.
The instructor led training is filled with case studies and real time business scenario for quick learning. On successful completion of the course you will be a certified Financial Analyst.

What should you know?

  • A basic degree in any domain
  • It is mandatory to have proficiency in spoken & written English

What you will learn?

This course has a mix of statistical tools with complex machine learning tools and algorithms to equip the participants with the requisite skill set in analyzing financial data. By the end of this course, the participants should be able to perform financial analysis using powerful tools like R and Python.

  • Basics of R and Python
  • Utmost used packages in Python and R
  • Understanding data in finance, sources of data, cleaning and pre-processing data
  • Data Analysis
  • Understanding the trends in stock price behavior, time series analysis in finance
  • Understanding and valuing options
  • Modeling stock prices using machine learning
  • Credit risk modeling
  • News analytics (accessing news using web scrapping) and sentiment analysis in finance
  • Case Studies

Benefits of the course

  • Competency in analyzing financial data
  • Modeling credit
  • Work as financial analyst in corporates
  • Set up your own financial consultancy business
  • Analyze money market

Mode of sessions

  • Classroom

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