Internal Auditor Certifcation

Internal Auditor Certifcation VDA 6.3 Process Audityou can merge Lead and Internal Auditor to one course

Do you want to accelerate your auditing career else want to enhance your employees auditing skills then this is the right place. Learn from the experts at JPA about internal auditing.
JPA’s Internal Auditor Certificationis designed to equip you with the skills to deliver internal audits. The auditing skills are a combination of industry knowledge along with auditing knowledge. The internal auditing course is an exceptionally practical oriented course and it is essential to do an internal audit documentation that is essential for a successful completion of the course. This helps to understand how the business operates inculcating the operational efficiency of the business.

JPA offers a 1 week course on Internal Auditing that provides insights of financial reliability, compliance with statutory regulations and creating process to monitor the transaction methods to complete a full life cycle of a particular business transaction. By the end of the course you will learn the skill sets to perform internal audits. There is a big demand for Internal auditors as there are few certified Internal Auditors. Moreover there will be around 4-10% of salary hike of Internal auditors hence it is lucrative profession.

The training is an online guided interaction with the trainer. Course material will be given to you; you have to schedule your training. Trainers are industry experienced professionals who have trained around 15,000 students.
There will be videos and case studies to provide you ample knowledge on Internal Audits.
Our trainers are industry experienced professionals who will guide you through the course.
On completion of the course you will have to take an online assessment to assess your skills. On successful completion you will be certified as “Certified Internal Auditor”.

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What should you know?

  • Basic degree in any domain
  • Basic knowledge of accounting
  • Proficiency in English language

What you will learn?

  • Understanding of internal processes, methods
  • Operational efficiency techniques
  • Tools and methods to perform tasks systematically
  • Creating checklist
  • Guided practice

Benefits of the course

  • Business knowledge and understanding of business functions
  • Knowledge of operational processes that can address other business issues
  • Opportunities as Internal auditors in corporates
  • Set up own Internal Auditing consultancy business
  • Work as Internal Auditors for a Chartered Accounting firm
  • Manage the internal risk processes
  • Develop and execute internal audit plan

Mode of sessions

  • Online

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